Full Website Sales Copy and On-Page Communications

I’ll work in close consultation with you to understand your target audience, business model and objectives. I’ll develop an effective communications style for your site’s key sales pages that pulls visitors from consideration, to evaluation and finally decision.

Project work starts from $1,200. Please email me to discuss your requirements for a custom solution.

Evergreen Content & Blog Articles

This is content designed to be perpetually relevant and has sustained interest from new readers over time. Common forms of evergreen content include ‘how to’ articles, guides, resource lists and educational content about your industry.

Headline examples of evergreen content you might stumble across online include:

The 12 Golden Rules to Getting The Job You Deserve

What is Crossfit and Why You Need to Start Doing it

Tasmania’s Most Awe Inspiring Natural Wonders

All content I write includes on page search engine optimisation (appropriate use of titles, sub titles, tags and article descriptions) and keyword research.

$200 for articles up to 600 words

$300 for articles up to 850 words

$400 for articles up to 1,300 words

Landing Page Sales Copy

I charge $800 per page to write persuasive headlines and copy that improve the conversion rate of your online advertising.

I can also create wireframe designs for your sales and lead generation landing pages starting from an additional $750 fee, which will include analytics research, split testing (if appropriate) and post campaign analysis.

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