Marriage the Millennial Way – The Biggest Modern Wedding Trends in the Digital Era

Things aren’t what they used to be. Research shows that generation Y couples are choosing to get married later in life, in fewer numbers and eschewing long standing traditions in favour of fun, diversity and coolness.

Here are four documented market trends epitomising the new millennial cool- casual attitude to getting married today

Bridesmaid Proposals & Bro-dal Showers


Are you ready for the Bro-dal shower? The celebration of the groom (more G-rated than the bachelor party) is reportedly “the next big thing in weddings.” A BuzzFeed post is the real culprit behind the trend, but Instagram and Pinterest are showing more evidence of it as well. Bro-dal showers could be interpreted as Millennials’ attempt to make wedding traditions more equal. But not everyone is a fan, and critics point out that yet another obligatory celebration is not something the modern, over-the-top wedding needs. Speaking of another celebration, some brides are mirroring the proposal tradition by turning the asking of their bridal party to participate in their big day into an event all its own with Bridesmaids Proposals that include gifts and more.

Related trends: Jack & Jill showers, which include the groom and all his friends in the shower festivities.

The Wedding Moon


wedding moon

A honeymoon alone just isn’t cutting it anymore. Some engaged couples are also taking “Wedding Moons”—a retreat together before the big day to relax and escape. Though some may think that another” moon is a little too much, and only adds to the over-hyped nature of today’s nuptials, this might be a big reason behind the trend. Wedding planning for the big event is arguably more stressful than ever now that so many weddings are such over-the-top affairs—couples are looking for a respite.

Related trend: Baby moons, a couple retreat before welcoming a newborn into the family.

Cash as Wedding Gifts


cash as wedding gift

Going to a Millennial wedding? Bring cash, not a toaster. The generation is reportedly eschewing traditional gifts to instead request “cold, hard cash” for their nuptials. Couples are using their wedding funds for things like fun honeymoons they wouldn’t be able to afford themselves, or to start saving for a down payment on a house. The fact that more Millennials live together before marriage and are very likely to have all the household goods they might need is a big reason behind the trend of tossing gravy boats and dishes in favor of financial gifts.

Related trend: Experiential gift registries, which allow the engaged couple to request money for a honeymoons, dinners out, and other adventures.

Digital Planning

wedding planning pinterest

As more and more Millennials enter their wedding years, the tradition is becoming increasingly digitized, from planning apps to reception hashtags. Pinterest has become a wedding planning staple, and sites like The Hitch and have launched specifically to cater to a generation that integrates technology and the internet into every aspect of their lives. Google is in tune with the trend. Their platform provides everything that a tech-savvy couple would need to prep for their big day, including announcing their engagement via Google Hangout and making a website for their event.

Related trend: Integrating social media into the wedding day with dedicated wedding hashtags, and Instagram picture sharing.